4 thoughts on “It’s a long walk back to the hostel…

  1. You all look like you are having an amazing time and it’s only your first day. Glad your all having a brill day and I’m looking forward to see what tomorrow has for you. Keep up those smiles Charlie xxx


  2. Jeanette stone (Lucas Stevenson Nan) says:

    Wow. You have done loads of stuff today. Looks like you’re having a great time, loving the photos and following the blog. I bet you will all sleep well tonight. Miss you Lucas lots of love from Nan xxx


  3. Donna Keenan says:

    We are very jealous, it looks fab. Nice to see happy smiley faces. Enjoy your night and look forward to more pics. Night night Isabelle, lots of love and hugs Mummy and Daddy and woof from Ruby and a big hug from Rose xxx


  4. Rachel Walton says:

    You all look like your having an amazing time, we are really enjoying checking the site for updates!
    Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s adventures! Hope the sun is shining for you all!
    Have a fabulous evening!
    All my love to Kenzie, sleep well
    From Kenzies Mum xx


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