Beetle Drive Fun

After a day of walking, we are now playing a very noisy game of Beetle Drive! Competition is evident in every group. With the occasional sound of cheering when the role of the dice goes the children’s way! Hopefully it won’t mean we won’t have a quiet night ahead!!

11 thoughts on “Beetle Drive Fun

  1. Nina parker says:

    Good morning April, we hope you had a big sleep and are ready for a busy day. Cookie has been fed and is being looked after so don’t worry. We love you millions and trillions from dad, mama, Charlie, Toby and cookie xxxxx


  2. Kerry (Joseph's Mum) says:

    Good Morning Joseph. Hope you and the guys had a great night and enjoyed the beetle drive. I have stripped all the beds for you to make when you get home looked like you need the practice. Have another fabulous day. Moon and back Mummy and Daddy xxxx


  3. Tadiwa says:

    Hey Elmon! Hope you had a great day. It has been so quiet here without you. Pippa is missing you a lot too and fell asleep on your bed. Cain’t wait to see more pictures! Goodnight! Love Mum, Tanaka, Tafadzwa, Tadiwa and Pippa xxxxxx


  4. Sonia furlong says:

    Good morning Zion 😘 we hope u had a really nice sleep we missed u lots last night and it’s so quiet here this morning without you!! Hope you have a fabulous day again today can’t wait to see lots of pictures.. we love you lots and lots like jelly tots from Mum mimi and Nikki xxxxxxx💓💓💓


  5. Shebina says:

    Morning Ayaan, hope you had a good sleep and you wasn’t up chatting last night..We all know you like your little chats before bed.lots of love auntie shebina


  6. Cathy stevens says:

    Morning Olivia and everyone wonder what fun you ll get up to today all the animals send there love we all love you lots xxx


  7. Sonia furlong says:

    Hi Zion it’s mimi and I’m missing you lots😭I miss hearing you snoring in bed when we wake up.. hope you didn’t wake your roommates up!!!😂 I love you so much and I want you to have an amazing breakfast.. have a good day bro xxxxxxxx


  8. Sarah, Joshuas mum says:

    Good morning Joshua hope you slept well, the house is very quiet this morning with out you. Hope you have an amazing day, lots of love mum and Ashley xxxxxx


  9. Joachim's family says:

    Good morning Joachim, we hope you had a good night and that you are having a good time with your friends. Have a lovely day, Mummy, Daddy and Thomas.


  10. Marie mitchell says:

    Morning mason hope you managed to get some sleep last night and wasn’t up all night chatting (or keeping your friends awake with your snoring). Loving all the pictures and can’t wait to see more from what you get up to today. Love you loads mum dad and patch 🐶 xxx


  11. Elaine Skye’s mum says:

    Morning Skye, hope you had a great sleep. Looking forward to seeing what you will be doing today, have lots of fun and I hope the walking doesn’t make your legs hurt to much. Love you loads princess xxxxxxx


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