11 thoughts on “Our first walk into the village

  1. Miss Cooper says:

    Hello Y4! It’s Miss Cooper here. I’ve just got home from Eyam and I am missing it already! You are in for a fabulous couple of days, although it looks like you are having a fabulous time so far! It’s nice to see so many cheery smiles! Make sure you are all keeping warm and that you are looking after your teachers too! Give Mrs Kirby and Mrs Gilroy a cuddle from me! Love from Miss Cooper xxx


  2. Kerry (Joseph's Mum) says:

    Joseph. Looks like you are all having a great time with lots of interesting things to see. Enjoy and make sure you get some sleep tonight. Love you lots Mummy, Daddy and Kosmo. Xx p.s Your Dad says the stocks look #savage


  3. Sarah, Joshua Dalton mum says:

    Hi Joshua, hope you are having a great time it looks like you are, we are missing you lots!! Sleep well, love you lots mum and Ashley xxx


  4. Kerry Evans says:

    Hi Finley looks like you are having fun, missing you so much already so are Archie and Daisy. love you lots mum, dad, Archie and Daisy xxxx


  5. Jeanette Smith says:

    Hi Y4, hope you enjoyed your first day in Eyam and have as much fun as we did. Sleep tight everyone. Take care. Mrs Smith


  6. Tracy Lindley says:

    Hi Katie Olivia, I hope youve had a great first day in Eyam. Mum and dad and the cats are all fine. Sleep well tonight darling, lots of love and kisses. X x


  7. (Imaans mum) says:

    (Imaans mum) hi Imaan, hope you’re having a lovely time. We are missing U loads, too quiet at home without u. Goodnight love mummy, daddy and Maryam xxx


  8. Charlotte (Ashton’s mum) says:

    Hi Ashton

    Wow it looks like you are having fun. Enjoy your adventure! Have a good sleep. Love you lots mum & dad xx xx


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