8 thoughts on “Waiting for our breakfast

  1. Emma Platts says:

    Morning corey hope you have had a brillant trip away we have all missed you while you been away can’t wait to see you later love mum xxx


  2. Michael ibbotson(mason dad) says:

    Morning mason breakfast looks good enjoy rest of the day can’t wait to see you later love you to moon and back mum and dad xxxxxx


  3. Shazwana (zonains Mom) says:

    Morning zonain and all rest of the group hope u all are having a good time well can’t wait for u to come home later have fun for rest of the day my darling.see u later sweet heart mwah xx


  4. Asya says:

    Morning Laraib hope you enjoy ur last day with your teachers and friends we’ve have missed you so much and are looking forward to seeing you at teatime..

    Love mum,Dad,zaynab and Hamza


  5. Zohara (laibahs mum) says:

    Good morning Laibah, hope you have enjoyed your stay with ur friends.
    The house has felt soo quite without you, cant wait to see you later.
    Enjoy ur last day.
    Love you lots mummy xxxxx


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