Our last supper!!!

Well here we are enjoying our last evening meal together. We had a lot of clean plates. Think it was a combination of a healthy appetite and delicious food! We will be playing our final quiz tonight to check our knowledge on everything we have learnt in the last couple of days.

13 thoughts on “Our last supper!!!

  1. Sayhan daddy says:

    Hi sayhan, looks like u had a wonder time there and the food looks delicious.

    We are all missing you can’t wait to see u tomorrow .
    Grandma and grandad also missing u loads.

    Sweet dreams


  2. Marion mcgrath says:

    Hi Skye looks like you have had a fab day today granddad and me have looked at all photos and you have done so much lots of love from granddad and Marion x


  3. Charlotte (Ashton’s mum) says:

    Hello Ashton, it looks like you are having fun with your friends. We miss you and can’t wait to hear all about your adventures tomorrow. Sweet dreams.

    Love you mum & dad xx xx 💙


  4. Marie mitchell says:

    Hi mason I have loved looking through all the pictures and looks like you all have had a fab time the house is too quiet now without you patch is missing you can’t wait to see you tomorrow so you can tell us all about it love you loads Mum, dad and of course patch 🐾


  5. Sonia furlong says:

    Oooh dinner looks yummy I hope u enjoy your quiz and we can’t wait to see you tomorrow .. sweet dreams Zion sleep well We love you ❤️Xxxxxx


  6. misba says:

    Hello Hamna, it’s look like you are having lot’s of fun with your friends .lots of love from mummy and sisters. see you tomorrow.sweet dreams.


  7. Mrs Evans says:

    Hi Year 4 its lovely to see such happy faces. Looks like you had a fantastic day today. The museum looked really interesting- I hope you found lots of information to help your learning. Have a good night’s sleep and enjoy your final day. Looking forward to hearing all your adventures. Love Mrs Evans


  8. Jeanette Smith says:

    Hi Y4, hope you’ve enjoyed your day and learn’t lots at the museum. Have a good nights sleep see you all tomorrow. Mrs Smith


  9. Cathy stevens says:

    Hi Olivia harry keeps asking where you are thinks he’s missing you not long now till you are back looks amazing what you ve been getting up to Dale sends a big high five all the animals can’t wait to see you xxx love you lots n lots n loads more xxxxx


  10. Kylie (Kyrahs Mum) says:

    You look so happy Kyrah 🙂 hope you and the girls have had a great time and made lots of memories. Missed you so much and I’ll see you tomorrow 😘😘😘 love you ❤️ Xxx


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