13 thoughts on “Quiz Night!

  1. Sarah, Joshuas mum says:

    Hi Josh, looks like you have had an amazing day!!! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. All our love mum and Ashley xx


  2. Hello albey , it looks like you’ve had lots of fun in Eyam . Enjoy your last night and day and we all can’t wait to see you tomorrow so you can tell us all about Eyam . Lots of love mum , peter , blake , Sassy and Kennedy . Xxx


  3. Hello everyone again.
    Looks like you have all had a good day.
    Milly, Lola and juddy really missing you now, so although we wanted you to have a fab time, we all cant wait to see you again tomorrow.
    Have a fun last night at the plague village, and see you all soon.
    Nyte nyte.
    Love yooooooooooooooo


  4. Sonia furlong says:

    Good morning zion hope u have a fab last day, and slept well last night 😴 we have missed u so much can’t wait to see u later 😘 we love you ❤️ Xxxxxxxx


  5. Mimi ( Zion’s Sister) says:

    Hi Zion.. I can’t wait to hear all the things you’ve been up to. I miss you so much and I hope you enjoyed it.. have a wonderful last day and have a big breakfast so you can have the best last day EVERR.. I hope the weather was nice 4 you💯 Miss you and love you lots… Mimi/ Amelia😘🌎💘💗


  6. Mimi ( Zion’s Sister) says:

    Hi everyone who went on the trip.. hope you had a good time and I hope Mrs Kirby and other teachers did to!! You are lucky that you went with Mrs Kirby because if you felt down or anything she would squeeze the badness away from you!! 😂 but hope you all have a fab last day! From Amelia in Y5A😉


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